Egg Roll Soup Mix

Perfect for Camping!

This Egg Roll Soup Mix recipe is PERFECT for camping, or planning for those times with limited access to kitchens. It's even keto friendly! Just add water & meat when you want to serve it .

YOU WILL NEED: Chicken Bone Broth Powder Dehydrated Cabbage Dehydrated Carrot Onion Flakes Dehydrated Green Onion Sesame Seeds Soy Sauce Powder Ground Ginger Garlic Powder Citric Acid Black Pepper Salt

Measure the Soup Mix ingredients into a medium sized Ziplock freezer baggie.

Stir or shake to combine.   Press out as much air as possible, seal & label.

To Cook and Serve: Cook 1/2 lb ground meat in a medium pot or skillet, using a little vegetable oil if you’re using a really lean meat.     Add water.

Add Soup Mix packet, stir well to combine. Bring to a low boil, simmer until the vegetables are re-hydrated to the right texture.

Serve hot - Enjoy!